How do you show up?

“It’s time to be the real you”. The past month has also made me face at an even deeper level all the parts of me I am still not sharing openly. Not for wanting to hide them, but because I live such a rich internal life that I forget to bring it out (and rich includes everything… not only the fun parts). These are the parts that seem so obvious as we carry them inside, that we forget that if we don’t share them, the world can’t see them. So I am working on it because I absolutely want that to show up in my relationships and in my business, with clarity. This is what I call the Intelligence of the Heart…. and it needs to shine through.

It is no longer sustainable to hold back or reign in your truest emotions, beliefs and points of view but in the current world it may feel unsafe to open up, sometimes even to yourself. Hence learning to share from the heart with emotional self-awareness. It is time to open up with courage.

Speaking about it is the first step to courage.

What about you? Do you feel like you can share your truest self with ease or do you hold back? And, if you are holding yourself back, share on a PM or comment why do you think that is. Let’s open up together!


Self compassion

Give me a 👍🏻 if you consider yourself a compassionate risk-taker.

When you open to yourself with compassion, you’re creating a space in which you feel able to take risks. If you beat yourself up whenever you fail or fall short, this naturally inhibits you from trying new things and taking chances. But when you’re self-compassionate, you know that even if you fail, you’ll still respect yourself and most importantly, that you took a calculated risk knowing where you were coming from. In this way, self-compassion gives you the ability to experiment and explore, and to be courageous.

You may even discover that in being open and brave, you find your purpose and the things you need seem to magically come your way.

This usually sounds good for life, but is quite frightening in business.  Try it out in the small things first, build some trust in your process, and then try it out a little bigger and bigger.

Just remember that what I mean by taking risks, is the risk to follow your heart and your intuition… let’s call it internal due diligence!

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See you there!



Kindness is what comes when the heart responds to the truth of life.

Kindness is safe, it is powerful, it is tender.

Kindness has the ability to change and modify the worse and most uncomfortable feelings, thoughts and emotions. It showers them with light; and the truth of the moment is nothing else but kindness.

But kindness is not always nice. Kindness may be to turn down someone or something for their own good.

Kindness is personal. It is an intimate nature of the heart, that can only be true and express itself responding to each and every situation in the present moment .

Be kind today. Start by being kind to yourself.

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