Happiness is a very unfair burden to place On a client, or a coworker, or a board member, or a boss, or … anyone really.

Powerful and true words!! I was listening to a Ted talk by Jennifer Senior about parenting and placing the burden of happiness on your child and it inspired me to share that the same applies to business relationships. Any relationship, really.

If we all are conscious and responsible of our own emotions, we can change the outcome of our business… family and relationships as a whole.

In entrepreneurship placing the burden of your happiness in an activity and/or the expected outcomes of such activity, your employees, co-workers, clients, ideas… well, it just does not work. It keeps just showing you -and the other- the wound you still need to heal, and diverting self-responsibility.

When you do business from a place of need and fear, the other party feels it. Mirror neurons come into play and the other party feels fear and need… you can imagine that conversation: defenses and walls are up, both waiting for the other one to fulfill their needs and at the same time defending themselves from feeling respinsible for the other.

If you would like to explore ways to connect deeper to your emotions and apply this awareness for business, send me a DM. Connect.

I want to see you succeed and can help you see a different perspective and open up to what is truly behind your actions so you can free yourself to play and create wealth while growing your business and living a fulfilling life!

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