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The Power of the Creative Feminine

Expertise, Strategy, Emotional Intelligence, Heart Wisdom
and Leadership for your Life and Business

My Story

or the story of my journey and yours

Hi! I’m Melanie. I empower women in business, entrepreneurs, professionals and creatives around the world to lead from the heart, so every decision is easy, authentic, effective and aligned with their dreams. If you are tired of compromising, playing it safe and acting as expected, and feel a strong pull to step-up, make an impact and claim your power and space in the world, let’s talk.

I started my leadership and transformational coaching business because, like you, even though I had a successful, and frankly glamorous international career for over 30 years, I found myself unfulfilled, restless, I felt restricted in everything I was “allowed” to share and contribute. I couldn’t be myself. I felt my passion slipping away but had a hard time admitting it to myself, let alone others! 

I knew I was meant for more, more love, more kindness, more wealth, more leadership, more creativity more growth, more contribution, more freedom. I also felt the need to give back, to be of service, for my life to have a meaning, to be, do, give and achieve more; to live fully on my timing and on my terms. I realized I was giving my energy, time, effort and power to build someone else’s dream, and I wanted it back to build my own.

So, I jumped into the unknown -fear and all- to start dreaming the life I wanted and making it happen, learning that the guidance of my heart is stronger than any fear holding me back, slowly trusting myself outside my corporate persona, and connecting with life again. I realized that to fully have control of my own life, I had to let go and trust. And, oh man! has magic happened since!

I keep becoming someone I’ve never been, more abundant, more creative and happier than I’ve ever been before… and I have not looked back! Best decision e-v-e-r!

I want this love and this freedom for you too!  I want the world to be blessed by your gifts. I want you to experience true unattached abundance. I want you to be wholly yourself playing in life, and thriving because of it!

Please, book a call already. What do you have to lose? Imagine what you could gain!

Do you want freedom more than you want the comfort of the the life you’ve had?

Yes! I want FREEDOM

Every decision is an opportunity to create something new,
something different, something uniquely You.

And it is not bound by the past,
but has ripples into the direction and creation
of your

Melanie Meurehg

Dream Big and Live Your Story

– or, get to know me -and you- through music

I want to share a secret with you.

In my mind, life plays like a road movie. It’ s a journey that from start to finish goes on with great background music and lyrics for added effect.

I love music and dancing for the pure joy of it.

In that spirit, I created a playlist for you to get to know what’s in my heart, through song. 

It is my story all amalgamated in the now, in no particular order.  Enjoy!


The Principles

or how I help you free your essence and embody your power

This is how I see you and your potential. Where all possibilities exist and manifest.

Melanie's Cosmology and Philosophy for Life and Business
In a nutshell, these are the principles behind everything I do and teach, and how I share my own gifts to give you the freedom to experience the power of your radiance, so you can bring your own true gifts to the world and manifest, create, and live in wealth and abundance, and on your terms.

* For a deeper understanding of the quantum principles behind living from the heart in life and business, please look at the Power Up! Online Programs or book a private coaching package.

Explore how to work with me by booking a complimentary call.
Get to know me personally, ask all your questions, and dive right in to design your strategy and make a plan!

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This is who I am

or all kinds of random things about me


First, I want you to know I am passionate and generous, and sometimes quirky. It’s just my nature, so be prepared for that.

I am authentic and naturally want you to be authentic too.

I’ve been blessed with a hefty sense of curiosity and an affinity for study and research, as well as an array of interests, specialties, areas of expertise, and deep sensitivity

I am a teacher, a healer and a connector at heart. I light up when you connect with your Radiance, and I feel your heart.

I am kind, compassionate, deeply caring and quite direct in a no-nonsense-let’s-not-loose-time-non-judgemental kind of way. I will call you out when needed and state things simply from my heart becasue I want you to grow and become as free as possible.

I am always ready to help, and expect you to ask for help when you need or want it.  I feel your heart but cannot read your mind and will always respect that you are in control of your experience.

I believe music/songs are a big gift to learn about yourself and where you want to go. Mostly where you stand. Music reflects, balances, lowers or expands your Radiance… and I always have “a song for that”! 

I am a bit whimsical, spiritual and very practical. I’m always looking for the shortest way to get the most and more effective results.

In my expanded perspective my mind organizes and re-organizes things in spreadsheets with filters, and projects it into the future, seeing all potential outcomes at the same time. This really comes handy when creating strategies and planning.

I love natural beauty, punctuality on arrival and professionalism. It just does not feel good for me to be any other way.  Yet, flexibility and acceptance always prevail.

Respect is a big deal for me, personal and mutual.

I live what I teach and teach from personal experience. if it isn’t my truth, I will let you know.

I will show you how to ‘fish”, but will not do it for you.  Working with me, you do your own internal and external work and take action. In return, you will be transformed and prepared to respond to life and business challenges with wisdom, skills, inspiration and passion. 

I go through life, just like you, with all its ups and downs, fears, love, courage, and insecurities. The gift of wisdom is to flow and respond to whatever is right there happening in the now, and approach it through an open and connected heart.

I can unequivocally recongnize and trust the guidance and direction of my heart… even when it feels scary and illogical, and when my mind is beign obstinate.  Naturally, I can take you to that place within yourself.

listen intently to your truth and am able to reflect it back to you bringing clarity and a much higher perspective, if you are open to receive it.

I am also incredibly creative and generally bursting with ideas for you. Ideas that stem from a place where your heart and mine meet.

When focused on you, you have my full attention, and in that moment you are the most important thing in the world for me.

Ready to expand your perspective? Let’s talk.

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What you also get when you work with me

This is me getting “serious”
  • 50+ years of life experience.
  • 30+ years of international business experience.
  • 3 companies of interational scope built for other corporations. 1 for me.
  • 1 Professional Degree in Communication Sciences
  • 1 Coaching Certification
  • Professional Studies in Photography, English and Hispanic Literatature
  • 15+ years coaching, teaching and mentoring
  • 3 Yoga Certifications, 2 Specialties
  • Life in 2 countries, 3 cities… and counting.
  • Travelled worldwide for work
  • Over 1500 hours studying and experienecing consciousness with monks in South India
  • Countless diplomas, certifications and studies in Marketing, Business, Family Constellations, Reiki, Alternative Energy Healing, Psychology. Meditation,Transformational Work, Breathwork, Heart Intelligence (HeartMath Insitute), and the incredibly fulfilling art of living life in awareness.

For more of my professional experience, please visit my linked-in profile, but in all honesty, it is way more fun if you book a call and we simply connect. Ask away all your burning questions about how I can help you and about me.

  • Personal Transformation for Business Creation and Growth = Power Up! You as a Business
  • Business Development
  • B2B Sales and B2C Relationship Development
  • Soft Skills
  • Emotional and Heart Intelligence
  • Leadership From the Heart
  • Effective Thinking and Feeling
  • Intuitive Negotiation
  • Authentic Relationships
  • Empowerment through self-knowledge
  • Evolve your Mindset
  • Empower your Hearset
  • Positive use of stress
  • Better decision-making process
  • Power up your joy, clarity, creativity and inspiration
  • Setting right of relationships at work and at home
  • Increased self-love and self-awareness
  • Re-ignite your passion
  • I will most certainly become your raving fan!

Heart Wisdom for your Life and Business

I look forward to getting to know you too!

Ready to take your power back? Let’s talk.

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How to make effective and emotionally intelligent decisions from the heart, in 6 easy steps

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