The Power of the Heart

The world needs more of your love
and so do you.

I empower service-based entrepreneurs, professionals and creatives around the world to unleash their essence and live to their full potential with heart-intelligence and practical skills, so they can experience the freedom of being 100% authentic and tansition into creating, or transforming, profitable businesses that impact the world.

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MOBILE : I empower service-based entrepreneurs, professionals and creatives around the world to unleash their essence and live to their full potential with heart-intelligence, so they can experience the freedom of being 100% authentic and tansition into creating, or transforming, profitable businesses that impact the world.

Let's talk. Book a Free consultation

Awaken your heart and free your creative power

Free your essence and embody your power

Anchor your Life, Business and Leadership Potential
in the Wisdom and Magnetism of the Heart

Awaken your heart and free your creative power

Awaken to the wisdom of your heart,
rekindle your creative power with passion and
impact the world…


Tap into your full potential, no compromises.

You want to…

…Be empowered

You are a beautifully unique human being with gifts, skills and powers beyond measure and you become boundless, free and empowered by being wholly yourself…
…which sometimes seems easier said than done.

…Be awakened

Align your essence and purpose with your life. Start filtering every experience through the wisdom of the heart and respond to the present moment with emotional and intuitive intelligence. Feel calm, guided and connected eery single day.

…Create an Impact

Radiate your light and transform the world. Sharing yourself as a service-based businesses, from the heart out, is the most efficient and profound way to awaken, connect and create a fulfilling life of abundance while leaving behind powerful ripples that create a positive impact.

…Be Free

For the ripples of your presence to have a positive impact, all action needs to be guided by and anchored in the freedom and wisdom of the heart. You become, calm, powerful and free.
A true leader!
Bask in your magnificence!
Find your purpose,
experience your personal power,

gain the skills to live in freedom
and bring your vision to life.

Live a life and build a buisness that impact the world, naturally.

Let's Talk
Want an easy way to make effective and heart-centred decisions that feel good even under pressure?
Think Forward.


How to make effective and emotionally intelligent decisions from the heart, in 6 easy steps


Gain clarity and empower your magnetic heart to lead with ease and emotional intelligence.


I see you.

I want for you to see yourself too.

No judgement, simply self love that reflects back into your life.

Your business is you.
It mirrors your…







Heart Power   +   Brain Power

Heart Power


Brain Power

My Cosmology

Understand and experience the universal laws and science that I have come to know, and use them to empower yourself and your business.

To read more about how I can help you to achieve more ease, abundance and joy in your life and business, click here.

Melanie Meurehg

No more playing it safe.

    No more compromising.

        No more making yourself small.



Achieve it all by being uniquely YOU.


Follow your own path or, even better, take intuitive action and create it!
Tell me how!
The world is ready and needs you.
Are you ready to bring your powerful gifts to the world?



Work with me

Transformational & Business Coaching

Private 1:1 or team coaching packages. This is for you if you have a specific goal and wantto develop a strategy, a plan and the practical and emotional skills to get you there in the most authentic, integral way… with the shortest possible path.

Transform me!
Be empowered

Learn more about the Power Up! Essentials© Program, the Power Up! You as a Business© Online Program and the Power Up! Heart Lab©. Understand and experience the power and principles behind living and doing life and business from the heart out!

Empower me!
Be supported
Leadership Toolkit

Click here for tools and resources to support you in becoming a more effective and heart-centred leader. From Business from the Mat (Strategy, while doing Yoga & Meditation) to Mentornship, reading suggestions, talks and productivity apps. 

Support me!

Client love…

“Melanie is an amazing coach and fun to interact with. I have learnt a lot about myself, what I want, my offer and linked the rational to the emotional regarding my business. Thanks to her, I was able to understand how to do business with my heart. I would absolutely recommend her.
Thanks Melanie for everything, I can’t wait to work with you again”
Founder and Director, Potier Management Inc., Toronto, ON, Canada
Thanks to you Melanie!!! Two weeks in I can feel and have a more clear sense of where I’m going and where this program is going to take us all…..loving every step with all my mind, heart and being.  I can already feel it will be a huge transformation for me at the end. 💟💟💟
Eli de la Vega Coaching, Mexico City
“I have sought support and guidance from Mel on more than one occasion in the last 2 years. What stands Mel apart from the rest of her field is her unique blend of logic and grounded business perspective alongside yoga and breath work. She has helped me focus on my business offering and raised my consciousness at the same time. She has a gentle yet powerful way of challenging my self beliefs and helping me to see things from a different perspective. I would highly recommend Mel to anyone looking for support to grow themselves or their business.”
Coach, London UK
“Fell into a deep sleep last night, and carrying the peace and joy from yesterday’s class. Thank you Melanie, Magical.”
Massage Therapist, Esthetician, Toronto, ON, Canada
“I have been following this strong and wonderfully connected coach, teacher and friend for many years.
In many personal and business crossroads during my life, I’ve turned to her unique perspective and point of view finding not only a sense of trust and light but also a new practical and more expanded perception, and a safe space to search for my truth. It brings me back to finding balance within.
I’ve had personal sessions and business coaching and I feel equally supported on both. I come out of the sessions with fresh ideas and entrepreneurial strategies to better my personal relationships and grow my business in a way that enhances my life as a whole and aligns with my heart.
I feel very grateful for this relationship! Thank you Melanie.”
Entrepreneur, Jewelry Artist, - Zurich, Switzerland

You too can create a life and a business that…

Set you free
you to have a positive impact
you to leave your mark in the world
your passion for life

Take your power back. Find your purpose. Let’s talk.

Book a Heart Strategy Call to make a plan for you or your business.

About you and me

The Power of the Creative Feminine

Expertise, Strategy, Heart-Intelligence, Wisdom and Leadership for You and your Business

Melanie Meurehg, nice to meet you!

Why me…

I loooove sharing my unique viewpoint about business from a universal heart-centred perspective, and your ability to build it from stillness into action.  You are the centre of your universe and everything stems from you. 

Your heart is the key to create your universe on your terms. Not only the spiritual heart, but the physical heart.  What you are, resonates and creates ripples that come back to you. To help you take control and shape the ripples you create, I use and teach some scientific principles and super simple quantum physics and techniques backed up by the science of the HeartMath Institute, to help you “broadcast” what you really want with conscious awareness.

Mostly, I listen to you, to your heart, your frequency, your dreams, your needs, your fears, your joys, your essence.  I listen intently to guidance, intuition, and a higher sense communication that I paired with decades of my own buisness experience and studies, help and guide you to transform and build a life and a business that reflect you, your depth, your gifts and your uniqueness. A life of joy, connection, impact and abundance. A life of freedom.

My superpower is to help you see where you stand -no fluff, no excuses-, uncover where your are headed, find direction toward where you really want to go, and make sure you get there in alignment with your heart, -provided you put the work in, take action, and be in stillness as required.  You have to really want it, even when it’s scary and deeply uncomfortable. You are corageous and strong. More than than you think. I know because I see you… and I have been you.

I can be very quick in helping you gain clarity, reset your priorities and create strategies that resonates with your whole truth. Then I walk by your side while you implement, experiment, try things out and grow into your full magnificent potential.


…and You

I do this by gently nudging you towards expanding your perception, acquiring a higher vantage point and perspective, and guiding you to deepen your self-awareness and ability to connect, while developing -through heart intelligence and practical emotional, business and life skills-, strategies to align your life, your business goals and your dreams with your creative power and a sense of utter freedom.  It has to feel joyful and fun!

I bring you from a sense of confusion, longing,  overwhelm, fear and dissatisfaction, to a state of pure connection, clarity, knowingness, purpose, direction and wisdom.

I show you the possibilities of taking the path and the power of true unconditional self-love in action, and nudge you gently to take it, at your pace.

I created Power Up! You as a Business©, a 1-year long heart incubator for service business entrepreneurs, based on precisely that. Both my students -and myself- have been mesmerized at how transformative it is and how powerful as a group we can become.  I call it the flock phenomenon. 

I believe we are as strong as the flock we fly with.  and to guide strong flocks, each of us needs to belong to a stronger flock that guides us.  Much longer conversation but we each are the front bird and the last bird at the same time.  Energetically it makes so much sense!  Each of us is the center of our perspective/universe, yet simply a dot that creates the circle of someone else’s centre.

Pearl Heart in Hands

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I want to belong

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Clarity | Ease | Trust | Abundance | Joy | Freedom | Impact

I’m all about you… and your business.
Business start-up and personal transformation coach empowering women to step outside their comfort zone and lead from the heart with emotional intelligence, strategy and practical skills for life and business.
Experience the freedom of being magnificently
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